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Tim Clark
CEO + Shepherd

Tim is the master of all things nothing! While Tim runs around in the background most of the year 'getting stuff done' the rest of us think he's generally 'faffing about'. The buck stops here and Tim has the casting vote when celebrities have to leave the show.

Sharon James

Sharon's role is to make sure Tim gets stuff done behind the scenes. She also keeps an eye over the finances, furiously promotes ICON UK and keeps Nathan awake. Sharon is also in charge of the website and how we get you to register and submit abstracts.

Steve McDonagh
Sponsor Wrangler & Master of Insults

Steve is the guy we send around to the sponsors. Not because he's scary and from Norn 'Iron, but because he's charming and has a good way with people. If you don't pay up, expect a barrage of incomprehensible Norn 'Ironish drivel that you are sure is an insult, but you'll never be able to remember or prove it.

Marissa Clark
Front of House

Marissa is also the boss of Tim. Marissa leads the Front of House team to make sure that you all get checked in properly and that everything is where it should be for all the breakout sessions.

Nathan James
Lord High Inquisitor & Roadie

Nathan generally runs around doing what the rest of the team tells him. And bless him, he does it without complaint. He does sometimes regress to his teenage years and answer with just a grunt, looking through his fringe. But we take that as a good sign that he is still awake. ;o)

Paul Harrison
The mouse in our server room

Paul is running around behind the scenes getting lots of technology working. Working through all of our crazy to make it available on your mobile device. His hair won't last long this year!

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